Crisis Management

White & Case Crisis Management Overview

In today's evolving global environment, we are reminded yet again that a crisis can take many forms, calling into question the reputation and leadership of businesses and governments alike.

The ability to quickly put in place a realistic plan in response to unexpected and high-impact events sets apart organizations that will succeed from those that will struggle. As always, preparation is key. No one can know how long a crisis will last, and the ultimate response remains uncertain, but together with an experienced team of legal advisors who are skilled in navigating complexities and assessment of all potential material outcomes, businesses can be better prepared to mitigate that uncertainty. For our latest thinking on the latest global developments, please visit our World in Transition page.

Our team of multidisciplinary and experienced lawyers in 44 offices around the world covers a full range of crisis management issues from rapid response advice, to long-term sustainability and contingency planning, to crisis leadership and strategy development. We work collaboratively with boards, crisis management teams, PR and other advisors to support an organization's response to a crisis. In an interconnected world with increasing regulation, media exposure, stakeholder activism and social media pressures, a crisis can strike anytime, anywhere, such as:

Our lawyers know how to manage these issues. We bring the skills required to plan for and respond to a crisis, as well as deep industry and cross-border understanding that enables us to provide insightful advice and responsive, fit-for-purpose strategies. Our broad experience comes from advising corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals around the globe and across a wide spectrum of crises, often in extremely sensitive and time-pressured environments.

White & Case takes a three-fold approach to crisis management:

  1. Pre-empt: Crisis prevention and contingency planning
  2. Act: Crisis response
  3. Recover: Path to resolution



"White & Case are a full-service firm that have great attention to detail and knowledge of their clients' business," one interviewee reveals, adding: "They can transition work to various teams within the Firm without interrupting or compromising services to the client."

"The team provide very high-quality advice, are client-focused and always deliver on time."

"I am very impressed with their knowledge, experience and ability to provide sharp analysis."
Chambers UK 2022

"In delivering their advice and legal expertise there is always an understanding of commercial purpose and company strategy to make sure our objectives are met in the widest sense."
Chambers Global 2021

"White & Case is extremely helpful in assisting us in navigating all of the cross-border elements, particularly when it comes to developing a strategy and message that will resonate most effectively…"

"The process was very much under control at all times. They were very proactive, anticipated the topics, and pushed through the…process from beginning to end in a very focused manner and with a lot of energy."

"It is a full-service firm that has strong collaboration skills, great attention to detail, a keen knowledge of their clients' business and the ability to transition work across various practices within their firm without compromising the quality of services to the client."

"providing a highly tailored service able to deal with unique commercial and legal circumstances, rather than a generic template to try to force into all situations."

"White & Case are highly strategic and look at both the bigger picture as well as the smaller details so that they really know all the facts,"

"from the off, they are prepared to win their clients' case."

"high understanding of the regulatory landscape on a national and European level and good assessment skills with regard to the authorities involved,"

"its global competence is an essential reason to mandate White & Case."

"White & Case have a good, strong team on both sides of the Atlantic and are capable of dealing with very large international cases."

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Chambers Global 2022